Welcome to the wonderland of Usagi Designs! Where imagination is reality. Where all the surreal moments in your dreams becomes tangible. Here at Usagi Designs we work in different areas of design including but not limited to vinyling, graphic design, brand identity, and interior design. Just like the mirage of different characters you meet in Wonderland, each one has a specialty of their own. Have fun and thanks for dropping into Wonderland...

A Story…

stacyNot too far too into Wonderland stood an idea. An idea to beautify the world with color and brilliance. That is where I come in. You can say I’m hatter, or a designer, either word you choose I’m still me. They call me Stacy, and this is my beloved world of Usagi Designs. From the roots of an idea I created a place where I could nurture and grow my skills. But am I qualified you ask? Well, I did graduate from Cal Poly Pomona with a BA in graphic designs.

Of course, one needs funds to survive, and so Usagi Designs’ origins began from a simple hobby of vinyl decaling to pay for extra fees in the summer of 2012. Word spread and soon I realized I needed a central area to consolidate my work, and that is why you and I are here, in my realm. It’s so much fun creating things for people and seeing them being used is such a privilege to me as a designer and artist. So I hope to continue to provide my services to you and all those that wander to Wonderland.

What I specialize in:

❤ Illustrator
❤ Photoshop
❤ Illustrations
❤ Color Consulting